Are Ouija Boards Dangerous?

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A: First, lets begin with what a ouija board actually is: an instrument used for obtaining information from disembodied spirits. It is commonly marketed as a game and seance instrument and is readily available at most board game sellers stores.

NTPRT does not encourage the use of Ouija boards, nor do we use them in our investigations. We look at the ouija board as a tool likely to be controlled by low spirits (more the evil type). Thier intentions may not be pure, therefore giving false information. Many critics will say the ouija board is a dangerous tool and one of the devil himself.

To answer the question, we do feel there is a certain level of danger involved with using ouija boards. If the operators of the board are ‘weak’ in the spiritual sense, there is a possibility of possesion, gateway opening and just plain incorrect information. We don’t feel these devices are toys and recommend leaving them alone! However, on the flipside, strong trained persons of the ouija art may be able to obtain legitimate and helpful information. This area of science is very controversial!

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