NTPRT.ORG Message Blogs – Rules & Code Of Conduct

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The NTPRT.ORG message board is here for your entertainment and to provide a location where our registered users can discuss items on our main website! We hope you’ll find it useful and participate in any conversations you’re interested in! We ask you please follow these simple rules while using this site:

* No postings allowed of off-topic items – this is a paranormal research community, not a pharmacy hotline.

* Ghost hunting is not a scientifically proven science, this views expressed on these forums are that of other users, the NTPRT.ORG crew and hopefully you. You don’t have to believe in what we do, but please don’t slam/slander or gripe about it here – we are simply seeking answers and communicating with others interested in this field, if you are here to play, please leave now!

* The NTPRT.ORG forums are monitored, any invalid posts that violate the above rules will be removed. Repeat offenders may be banned or prosecuted. Please respect our efforts!


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